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A moving and humanistic documentary following an elderly couple struggling with Alzheimer’s disease.


China, 2015
Dir Zhao Qing
78 Mins
In Mandarin and Dialect with Chinese and English Subtitles


Zhao Qing ‘s moving doc follows an elderly couple, the 86 years old Feng and the 85 years old Fang, who go out everyday hand in hand to practice Tai Chi and to dine at a nearby canteen. Hardly anybody could tell that Fang has had Alzheimer’s disease for almost 10 years. She has forgotten almost everyone but firmly believes that Feng is the one she is going to spend the rest of her life with. When Feng met Fang and got married in the 1960s, little did they know that after growing up with the 16 years of wartime, they would have to suffer through the Cultural Revolution, Feng being denounced as a traitor and anti-revolutionist. In the years when many divorced their spouses in order for self-protection, Fang chose to stick by him. She begged everyone to prove his innocence and finally brought him back home. Living alone with an Alzheimer patient is hard enough, yet Feng’s health declines too. In July, 2013, Feng was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and the man who went through a life of hardship with an upbeat spirit finally bursts into tears.


About Zhao Qing

Zhao started her career at Shanghai Media Group in 1991, where she directed and produced many television documentaries affiliated to the Overseas Programming Center, now known as the Documentary Channel of SMG. She directed and hosted several popular TV documentary programs such as The Bund and Documentary Editing Room. Her filmography includes A Water Town – Zhou Zhuang (1996); Graduation (1997); A Woman’s Secret (2003). She also co-produced several series documentaries including: For the Future, The Half Century Hometown, Return to the Ancestor’s Land and The Ambassadors of PRC. Among them, Return To The Ancestor’s Land won the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union and The ABU Prize in 1998. From 2003, Zhao joined the studio affiliated to Shanghai East Normal University, producing educational programs.

Her first independent film Please Remember Me has toured around internationally for pitching, including Hong Kong – Asia Film Financing Forum, MIDA FORUM, Good Pitch Square. It was the winner of the best CCDF Award of 2012 and Best ASD Award of 2013. The project received financial support from Sundance Documentary Fund, IDFA Bertha Fund and BRITDOC BBC Connect Fund. Zhao is currently in production with her second independent film Entry to Utopia.


Please Remember Me (2015)
A Woman’s Secret (2003)
Graduation (1997)
A Water Town – Zhou Zhuang (1996)

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