Chinese Visual Festival

Vision Taiwan: CVF 2016 Closing Gala – Panay (Wawa No Cidal)

A searching and moving drama following the struggle of an indigenous community in Taiwan with urban development and the gentrifcation of their traditions


Dirs. Lekal Sumi, Cheng Yu-chieh
Taiwan, 2015
In Mandarin and Amis dialect with Chinese and English subtitles
99 mins

Set against the idyllic rolling rice fields and the sapphire Pacific Ocean, Panay (Wawa No Cidal) follows the ebb and flow of an indigenous community’s struggles, poetically depicting a reality that many of us face today with urban development and the gentrification of tradition.

When her father falls ill, Panay (Ado’ Kaliting Pacidal) heads back to her home town to provide for her family, a seaside indigenous village of the Amis tribe where her two children live. Away from the city, she reconnects with her family, immersing herself once again into the land of her youth. But the present does not quite match her memories of the past, and she soon comes to understand the precarious state of their land and traditions as affected by tourism and urban development, with the threat of bulldozers ever-present. A journey of self-discovery moves in tandem with the discovery of community as Panay sheds the burdens of her city job and joins in the struggle to protect the land of her ancestors, resurrecting the dried-up rice fields, and restoring the community’s farming practices. Slowly, she rekindles her relationship with her family.

While addressing urgent social issues in its narrative, Panay is a warm and moving film filled with genuine moments that are revelatory in their intimacy, focusing on the interpersonal encounters between characters and their own ways and approaches towards navigating this changing landscape.

Winner – Audience Choice Award, 2015 Taipei Film Festival
Winner – Best Original Film Song Award, 2015 Golden Horse Awards

Star Ado’ Kaliting Pacidal will join us for a Q&A after the screening.




The screening of Panay and the presence of Ado’ Kaliting Pacidal are made possible with support from the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK.




About Lekal Sumi

Lekal Sumi was born in Tainan 1985, his father being from Tainan and his mother from the Amis. He grew up in Tainan, and after completing military service he returned to the Makudaai Tribe of Hualian and started to explore Ami culture. Being a newcomer, he decided stay and to learn more about his origins. In 2011, Lekal picked up the camera for the first time to record the process of the restoration of the tribe’s rice terraces. While at first he had no concept of image recording or production, he successfully finished his first personal documentary Wish of the Ocean Rice after two years’ shooting.


Wish of the Ocean Rice (2012)
Panay (2015)



About Cheng Yu-chieh

Cheng Yu-chieh was born in 1977 in Tainan and started his movie career with 16mm short films. His debut feature film Do Over was selected for the 2006 Venice Film Festival’s International Critics’ Week. His second feature film Yang Yang screened in the Berlinale Panorama section in 2009 and was the Opening Film for the Taipei Film Festival. Cheng also works actively as a TV and film actor in Taiwan.


Baby Face (2000)
Summer, Dream (2001)
Do Over (2006)
Yang Yang (2009)
Days we Stared at the Sun (2010, TV)
Unwritten Rules (2011)
My Little Honeymoon (2012, TV)
Panay (2015)

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