Fresh Wave: Conditioned

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A hard-hitting look at gender roles and identity, following a young student called Nam, who has been raised as a boy


Drama, Mystery



Chan Kam-hei



Hong Kong

Fresh Wave


A hard-hitting look at gender roles and identity, Conditioned follows a young student called Nam, who has been raised as a boy since she was born in order to fulfil the expectation of her grandfather and mentally ill mother. She dresses like a boy every day before going to school, gets changed back to a girl’s uniform, and puts on a boy’s outfit before heading home. Her hysterical mother anticipates the return of her husband, which is a dream never destined to come true. Nam finds her only shelter at her childhood friend Yeung’s house, a place where she can finally be herself, doing simple everyday tasks like her own laundry. But her life changes on the day when her best friend and secret crush Yeung disappears, leaving her without any support or solace.



Supported by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London.


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