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CVF is proud to present Animazing, a selection of award winning animation films from the Communication University of China.

This year CVF is very proud to be partnering with the School of Animation and Digital Arts from Communication University of China (CUC) to present a selection of award winning student animation films. Curated by mentors and established filmmakers Professor Shengying Ai and Lian Luan, this programme presents a spectrum of creativity from young animation filmmakers in China. From the sharp social criticism of stories on the demolition of the city (The Forefinger City) and the danger of insatiable human desires (Port of Desire), to a tribute to famous mobile game, Angry Birds (A Crazy Bird), these students’ works suggest a very promising future for China’s animation industry. The visual style is also greatly varied, including sci-fi high definition in Planet Unknown, stunning beautiful pictures that blend Hollywood and traditional Chinese painting in The Abyss as well as Chinese folk story-style cartoon animation in Me.

The School of Animation and Digital Arts, CUC, established in 2001, is one of the earliest and leading institutes in China of animation and digital media art and currently enrols over 1,000 students.


Film Programme

1. Lion Dance

DIRS. Duan Wenkai & Ma Weijia
No Dialogue

Two Lion dancers fight for the leading spot in a performance. When crisis hits, they quickly learn to overcome their rivalry and put on a thoroughly entertaining show, earning the applause of the audience.

Selected Awards & Festivals

2012 Tokyo Animation Festival Jury Special Mentioning

20th Stugart Festival of Animated Film selected entry

2012 Expotoons(Argentina) Best Graduation Film

6th Asian Youth Animation&Comics Contest First Prize

14th Japan TBS Digicon6 Award Creativity Prize

2012 Macao International Movie Festival Best Animation

2. A Crazy Bird

DIRS: Zhang Jiayuan / Ding Chujun / Lv Zhangshuya / Wang Tianbai / Meng Fanzhuo
No Dialogue

A bird takes a ridiculous revenge on a man who broke her egg.

3. Face

DIRS.Zhang Tongyue
No Dialogue

A woman who has Obsessive-compulsive disorder, can’t endure anything with wrinkles beside her, including her own face. In order to maintain her skin smooth, the surgery she had results the face stiff, that she can’t have any facial expression anymore. Thus, she generally only uses color tape to make a smiling face.

4. Me

DIRS: Sun Nan / Han Beichen / Ding Shengzhe / Han Lu
No Dialogue

Life is a circle. The start is the destination.


2015 Golden Dinosaur Animation Contest Jury Special Award

2016 Berlin International Short Animation Film Festival

5. Do Homework

DIRS.Han Beichen / Sun Nan
No Dialogue

This is what our brain might be like when we are doing homework.


2014 Beijing University Animation Competition First Prize

2014 China International Youth Animation and New Media Competition Special Prize

6. In Poster

DIRS.Yuan Zhichao
No Dialogue

A girl and a boy have their romantic trips, experiencing the scenes in a couple of movie Posters.

7. A Stop in the Mist

DIRS: Zhang Kang / Qiu Pengfei
No Dialogue

An old man is waiting for someone at a bus stop. He has gone through his life in the same spot right until the end.

8. Stick Together

DIRS. Xu Ruozhao / Yamazaky Shishi
No Dialogue

When you recognize a connection to someone, it feels like you two were meant to be, like it was a coincidence or was predestined. In this film, two separated chopsticks experience this feeling.

9. Outside the elevator

DIR: Wang Ruoshan
No Dialogue

A girl gives up the elevator and takes stairs after experiencing all sorts of crazy behaviour from fellow elevator takers.

10. Planet Unknown

DIR: Wang Zixiao
No Dialogue

Inspired by diverse movies such as Interstellar, Wall-E, Toy Story, and Chappie as well as NASA’s breath-taking documentaries about Mars Rover Curiosity, Shawn Wang started to work on this project in July 2015. At the very beginning, there was no fixed storyline, until later that year in November. Shawn says the whole process of creation was a major challenge and a great opportunity to improve his skills.


2016 Burbank International Film Festival Best Animation Short

2016 Aniwow Beijing International University Students Animation Festival Best Short Animation Nominee

2016 Los Angeles Short Film Festival

11. Port of Desire

DIRS: Liu Keling / Lu Fengshuo
No Dialogue

Across the Port of Desire, you go between the evil and virtue.


2016 India FICCI-BAF Animation Award Jury Prize

2015 China University Student Animation Competition Best Director

2015 15th Beijing Academy of Films Best Visual Effect Animation Film

12. The Abyss

DIRS: Zheng Wu / Huang Liying
No Dialogue

In a snow storm one evening, a teenage boy bravely fights with the wolves chasing him.


13. The Forefinger City

DIRS: Cao Renze / Jin Zewei
No Dialogue

A left-behind old lady is forced to move out from her old house, due to the demolition of the surrounding city.

Selected Awards

2015 Golden Dragon Best Animation Short

2015 Aniwow Beijing International University Animation Festival Best Visual Style

2015 Shenzhen Youth Film Festival Best Animation Short

2015 France Panamanim Animation Festival Jury Prize

2015 France Roanne Animation Festival Jury Prize

2016 7th Chinese Academy Award Golden Animation Prize


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