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The latest award-winning work from director Ying Liang is a heart-breaking look at life in exile.

Followed by Q&A with director Ying Liang.


Country: Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia
Year: 2018
Director: Ying Liang
Starring: An Nai, Zhe Gong, Pete Teo, Tham Xin Yue
Running Time: 107 mins
Format: Digital
In Mandarin, Cantonese, Min Nan with English subtitles

Film Type: Fiction

Chinese filmmaker Yang Shu (Zhe Gong) lives in Hong Kong with her husband and son. Due to her repeated efforts to film China’s political injustices, she is no longer welcome in her home country. When her latest work gets selected for a festival in Taiwan, Yang Shu takes the opportunity to travel there to meet with her ailing mother (An Nai), on a family holiday with complicated arrangements. The plan is to stay as inconspicuous as they possibly can.

Director Ying Liang’s A Family Tour mirrors recent events in his own life after the release of his 2011 film, When Night Falls. Self-referential yet deeply personal, the film highlights the disruption of lives under the oppressive rule of a country where trying to be together with your loved ones counts as a brave action of defiance against authority.



Hamburg Film Festival – Political Film Award

Hong Kong Film Awards – Nominated for Best Screenplay

Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards – Winner, Film of Merit, Nominated for Best Screenplay

International Film Festival of India – Nominated for Best Film

Locarno International Film Festival – Nominated for Golden Leopard

National Society of Film Critics’ Awards, USA – Winner, Special Citation

Tokyo FILMeX – Nominated for Grand Prize


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