Li Junhu/2010/60min

Where I Should Go explores one of the most pressing issues in contemporary China, the interaction between the rural and the urban, telling the intertwined stories of two families who move from the countryside to the city in order to try and get a proper education for their children. The first involves a woman called Zhang Zhi Li, who leaves her two adolescent daughters at their rural home while she and her husband take their son to the city, hoping to have him enrolled in a school. The film also follows Yang Xiu Qing, a woman who has migrated from the countryside with her daughter and young son, having spent the money left by her late husband to buy them city resident permits. Compassionate and involving, the film describes the experiences of ordinary Chinese people in a way which should resonate with viewers across the world, Li Junhu depicting parents sacrificing all for their children and ordinary people making difficult choices as they try to secure a future in the fast changing Chinese society.

Awards and Film Festival Screenings

  • Chinese Visual Festival (London), 2012
  • Third Winner Award, Chinese Documentary Festival, 2011
  • Shanghai TV Festival Screening, 2011


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