Zhou Hao/2007/104min

Focusing on a low level drug dealer in Guangzhou, Using is a truly unique and unprecedented film, exploring a controversial subject and subculture very rarely covered by mainstream Chinese media or seen by the world. Shot over a period 3 years by director Zhou Hao, the film follows heroin user and dealer Ah Long through his many ups and downs and charts not only his attempts to make money and stay one step ahead of the law, but his relationship with his girlfriend and fellow addict, Ah Jun, who touchingly sticks with him despite his troubles and flaws.

Far from being cold or simply observational, the film clearly records the bond developing between the director and his subject and raises questions of exploitation and ethics. Offering a glimpse of a previously unseen side of Chinese society, Using makes for emotionally engaging and powerful viewing.

Awards and Film Festival Screenings

  • Chinese Visual Festival (London), 2012
  • Hong Kong Film Festival, 2008
  • The 5th China Independent Film Festival, 2008
  • Taiwan International Documentary Festival, 2008
  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, 2007

Watch Using Clip Here 点此看《龙哥》片断

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About the Director

Zhou Hao was born in 1968 in China. He previously worked as a photographer at Xinhua News Agency and Southern Weekend. He started making documentary films in 2001 and now lives in Guangzhou.


Houjie Township(2003), Senior Year(2005), Using (2007), Transition Period (2009), Cotton (2010), The Transition Period, (2009), Cop Shop (2009), Cop Shop II (2011)


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