Director: Ho Chung Ken, Running Time: 12', Year: 2012
Documentary, Hong Kong China
Language: Cantonese                  Subtitle: Chinese and English

Ho Chung Ken’s Sam Hui Yat takes the audience through a day in the life of a traditional local dim sum restaurant in an old quarter of Western District on Hong Kong Island. Serving stir fry, dim sum and other dishes, the historic teahouse is run by a staff of three partners, all of whom wait on tables and cook and serve the food themselves. Free from fancy decorations or sumptuous dishes but run with enthusiasm and character, the restaurant has a loyal collection of customers and regulars, who even help out by answering the phone when needed. A vivid and truly down to earth look at an everyday local business, Sam Hui Yat really transports the viewer into the hustle and bustle of the restaurant, Ho filling the film with fascinating sights, sounds and people.

About Ho Chun Ken

Ho Chung Ken is a second year student of film and television production in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.