Cao Dan/2010/83min


Dragon Boat is the latest film from acclaimed Chinese director and artist Cao Dan, a feature documentary which charts the effects of modernisation on the tradition of dragon boat racing. The film explores this through the case of Lianxi, a village on an island in southern China whose inhabitants were forced to resettle in 2003 due to the construction of a new University Town. Although their village was eventually transformed into a folk culture tourist resort, the old inhabitants still return every year in an attempt to continue the tradition of dragon boat racing. Reflective and quietly passionate, Dragon Boat is an exceptionally well-made film with stunningly artistic visuals, offering unique insight into China's current reality from a truly refreshing perspective.

Awards and Film Festival Screenings
• Audience Award Third prize, Chinese Visual Festival (London), 2012
• Yunnan Multi Culture Visual Festival, 2011
• The 3rd DMZ Korean International Documentary Festival, Asian Perspective section, 2011

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About The Director
Born in Guangzhou in 1972
Cao Dan graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1992
She immigrated to France in 1998 and studied Anthropology Filmmaking in the Paris Higher Education Experiment Collage.
She currently divides her time between China and France and works as a painter, filmmaker and designer.


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