Yu Guangyi/2011/100 min

Bachelor Mountain is set in Northern China, in the forest region of Heilongjiang Province where the traditional logging industry has been decimated by dwindling supplies. As a result, many of the local men have been left unemployed and in poverty, causing a migration of women to the cities in search of jobs. The film follows San Liangzi, a 46 year old divorcee who has been alone for 12 years after losing both his job and his wife. Spending much of his time wandering the village, he is in love with Wang Meizi, a younger woman who runs an inn and who happens to be the only eligible prospect in the area. Unfortunately for San Liangzi, despite his doing endless odd jobs and tasks to try and please her, his chances of success are low, mainly due to the fact that Wang Meizi doesn’t like men.

Capturing warm moments of humour and hope, and dealing with universal themes of loneliness and the search for love, Bachelor Mountain is a film which speaks to all audiences while presenting a thought-provoking picture of life in a wild, isolated region of China seldom seen by the world.

Awards and Film Festival Screenings
• Audience Award Second Prize, Chinese Visual Festival (London), 2012
• First Horizons Prize, Munich Dok Film Festival, 2012
• International Film Festival Rotterdam, 2012
• Silver Prize for Feature Length Documentary, Shanghai International Film Festival, 2011

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About the Director

Yu Guangyi was born in 1961 in the Changbai mountain range of China’s northeastern province of Heilongjiang; he currently lives in the city of Daqing, Heilongjiang. A childhood love of drawing and painting led him to a career in the arts: he graduated from the Printmaking Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, and spent many years as a woodblock print artist. He began making independent films in 2004, when he decided, after an absence of many years, to return to the mountains where he was raised and document the lives of the people living there. In the process of documenting the disappearing lifestyles, livelihoods and traditions of a remote mountain community, he has created a body of work that holds broader social significance and lasting cultural and anthropological value. Yu Guangyi has already completed the three films in his “Hometown Trilogy” (Timber GangSurvival Song and Bachelor Mountain) and is currently at work on a new documentary.