CVF 2011

Chinese Visual Festival 2011– Lost in Transformation

Dates: 30th June – 7th July 2011

Venues: Dorset Square Gallery, Birkbeck Cinema, London South Bank University, Charring Cross Library

Art Exhibition: Cao Fei, Adrian Fisk, Li Wei, Lin Zhipeng and Yang Yankang

Films Screened: Brave Father (Li Junhu), Nu (Cao Fei), For the Love of Shakespeare (Zhu Chunguang), Kindergarten (Zhang Yiqing), Mask Changing—A Letter to Antonioni (Pan Jun)

Short Films Screened: Rabid Dogs (Cao Fei), Tide (Yao Songping), View Point (Ma Fangfang), Patent Wars (Long Miaoyuan), My 4-fen Land (Yan Fei), Water and Land (Huang Cong)

Guest Speakers: Adrian Fisk and iSpeak China

Other Events: Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese Traditional Dance performance by Confucius Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine

The 1st Chinese Visual Festival was held from 30th June to 15th July 2011 at several venues in central London. The pioneering festival had the theme ‘Lost in Transformation’, taking the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China as a chance to reflect on life in China, using documentary film and photographic art to paint a picture of a nation still in transition, with artists and everyday people finding new ways of defining themselves. The festival included 11 film screenings and a video art and photographic exhibition, telling untold stories with unknown faces, looking at the lives of children, economic recession, industrial work and the Chinese love of Shakespeare, featuring a generation who truly feel Lost in Transformation.

The film section consisted of both shorts and feature length documentary films, and highlights included Zhu Chunguang’s For the Love of Shakespeare, a film detailing a village school where six year olds learn Shakespeare’s sonnets by Confucian methods and Li Junhu’s Brave Father, a father/son film showing the determination of a peasant boy who gets to university only to be faced with hardship and unemployment.

The art exhibition showcased seven photographers and video artists who use their cameras to reveal a mentality of feeling lost from the perspective of a vast population in a fast changing society. Highlights included the works of Cao Fei, one of China’s most well-known young artists who has been featured at the Serpentine and Tate Liverpool, and Adrian Fisk’s iSpeak China, a project based on travelling throughout China asking young people to write whatever came into their minds on a of paper and then photographing them holding the paper, with fascinating results.

The 1st Chinese Visual Festival proved hugely popular with the public, most sessions seeing an audience take-up rate of over 70% and with there being an overall attendance of around 1600 across all events. The festival also achieved wide and positive press coverage, including being featured on the BBC and other major media outlets.

CVF 2011 Schedule

30.06.2011 17 Dorset Square, Marylebone NW1 6QB

6.00PM-7.30PM 2011 Chinese Visual Festival Opening Event (Invitation Only)
Featured artists: Cao Fei, Adrian Fisk, Li Wei, Lin Zhipeng and Yang Yankang
SCREENING - Rabid Dogs (Cao Fei) 8’, Hip Hop Guangzhou (Cao Fei) 3’
Hip Hop New York (Cao Fei) 3’, Nu (Cao Fei) 69’

Art Exhibition will be ADMISSION FREE and open to the public from July 1st

Address: 17 Dorset Square, Marylebone NW1 6QB
Opening Hours: 12-6 PM MONDAY-SATURDAY

02.07.2011 Birkbeck College Cinema, 43 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PD

Rabid Dogs (Cao Fei) 8’ , Tide (Yao Songping) 10’
Brave Father (Li Junhu) 50’
Panel Discussion with VIP Speakers

View point (Ma Fangfang) 10’,
Patent Wars (Long Miaoyuan) 11’,
Nu (Cao Fei) 69’

For the Love of Shakespeare (Zhu Chunguang) 51’,
Kindergarten (Zhang Yiqing) 69’

05.07.2011 Charing Cross Library, 4 Charing Cross Road, Leicester Square, WC2H 0BJ

Artist Talk: Adrian Fisk & iSpeak China.

07.07.2011 Rm VG10 Lecture Hall, K2 Building, Keyworth Street, London South Bank University, SE1 6NG

My 4-fen Land (Yan Fei) 5’, Water and Land (Huang Cong) 11’,
Mask Changing—A Letter to Antonioni (Pan Jun) 60’
Chinese Martial Art Performance
Chinese Traditional Dance Performance

CVF 2011 Films