Special Programmes

Pema Tseden Full Retrospective
(Please click the above link for Pema Tseden programme)

Jia Zhangke Special Programme
A Touch of Sin
Cry Me a River
In Public
The Canine Condition
Xiao Shan Going Home

Vision Taiwan
A Rolling Stone (Ko-shang Shen/Documentary)
Attention, Please! (Peri Lu/Experimental Documentary)
Crazy Calligraphy (Adiong Lu/Documentary)
Disorder (Chen, Ching-Ru/Experimental)
Frog (Ming Wei Chiang/Fiction)
My Father, My Mother (Maso Chen/Documentary)
The Way We Are (Chen Yin Yen/Documentary)

Voices from China Now in collaboration with DocHouse
Little Proletarian (Shen Jie/Documentary/China)
The Cold Winter (Zheng Kuo/Documentary/China)

China Independent Film Festival 10th Anniversary Animation Screening
Chasing (Wu Chao)
Cotton Candy Universe (Lei Lei)
Double Act (Ding Shiwei)
Pear or Alien (Lei Lei)
The Hunter and the Skeleton (Bin Bai)
The New Book of Mountains and Seas (Qiu Anxiong)

Other Selected Entries

Blossom with Tears (Huaqing Jin/Documentary/China)
Burned Wings (Zheng Kuo/Fiction/China)
Deformity Sci-fi (Jianqiang Xue aka Kokoka/Fiction/China)
Dew Couples (Huaqing Jin/Fiction/China)
Downstream (Zune Kwok/Fiction/Hong Kong)
E Huang Mountain (Yang Pingdao/Fiction/China)
Golden Worm (Cairang Duojie/Documentary/USA)
Grand Canal (Johny Ma/Fiction/USA)
Killing a Pig without Mao (ZhenQian Huang/Experimental/France)
Kong Fu Kids (Yu Min, Liang Wei/Documentary/China)
Kun 13: Criticizing Ai Wei Wei and Wu Haohao (Wu Haohao/Documentary/China)
Martian Syndrome (Jianqiang Xue aka Kokoka/Documentary/China)
"Meat" with a Monk (Wu Haohao, Experimental, China)
More than Icecream Wong Kwong (Riley Leung/Documentary/Hong Kong)
On the Wretched Lives of Fish (Saipulla Mutallip/Documentary/Hong Kong)
One Day of Master Leung (Wyman Chan, Wang King Fai, Lam Sheung Ting, Cheung Wai Yip/Documentary/Hong Kong)
Someone Like You (Alexander Lau/Fiction/China)
The Kings (dir Victoria Tay/Documentary/Singapore)
Today My Mother Will Get Married (Jin Ye/Fiction/China)
Uncle Fai (Chan Hau Chun/Documentary/Hong Kong)

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