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The 2018 Jury announce the winning film for the 8th edition of the Chinese Visual Festival…


The Jury of the 8th Chinese Visual Festival today announced the film they have selected as their winner, ahead of the festival which begins Thursday 3 May. The select group – assembled by the Head of Festival to reflect filmmaking, film industry and film academia from West and East – revealed that Zhao Qing’s documentary Please Remember Me is their pick.

Selected from all of the feature films that will screen at Chinese Visual Festival’s 2018 edition, Please Remember Me follows an elderly woman as her Alzheimer’s disease progresses and her dedicated husband who tends to her care through good times and bad.

Please Remember Me will receive its UK premiere at King’s College, London on Sunday 6 May at 12:00pm. Tickets are available here.

Reflecting on the film, Head Juror Matthew Hurst described: “This thoroughly emotional documentary draws the audience to the subject by capturing the subjects in an engaging and heart-felt way. Their struggle and the husband’s dedication to his ailing wife is beautiful to see and could have so easily made audiences feel uncomfortable, but the director’s approach embraces the audience, welcoming them to the couple’s love-filled lives.”

With similar affection, juror Hiu Man Chan stated: “This sincere and warm documentary touched my heart deeply. The director has an eye for the charm of the protagonists and develops in such a way as to make it one of the best documentaries I’ve seen in recent years. It tells its story simply but is also powerful enough to resonate with audiences, particularly those Chinese who are living abroad.”

Juror Wang Bang commented: “This documentary captured precisely what it is to live in a country like China where effective medical care comes with a price tag. The film links the beautiful and intimate connection between Confucian teaching and an old fashioned Chinese intellectual’s family life. The gentle, naturalistic storytelling is smooth and skilful, and the cinematography is simple but stunningly moving. As the quality of life of people living with dementia in China is rarely seen, this documentary is something very precious.”


UK Premiere
King's Safra
May 6, 2018
12:00 pm

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