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Chinese Visual Festival is proud to present an ongoing programme of the most exciting and cutting edge art and moving image art from Chinese language speaking countries.


Chinese Visual Festival is proud to be collaborating with BFI London Film Festival this year on their Experimenta section. On Saturday 14th October, as part of the Surface Tensions session, we’re presenting the international premiere of Jiang Zhi’s stunning In the Wind – tickets on sale now.


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Dir Jiang Zhi.
China 2016.
16 mins

Different people fight with the fierce wind again and again. Through In the Wind, Jiang Zhi shows the different layers of Chinese society and how people suffer as the result of history and from personal memory when moving forwards.


Jiang Zhi was born in 1971 in Yuanjiang China and is based in Beijing and Shenzhen. Jiang Zhi’s diverse practice includes photography, video, painting, and sculpture. Concerned with the mediated image, Jiang has painted a number of his photographs as if they were pinned to the surface of the canvas, including folds and reflections across the paper. More recently he has produced computer glitches in software, then screen-captured the brightly coloured, cascading patterns, and painted the resulting images in oil on canvas. Other projects include video works in which nude subjects stand and gesture, suggesting both the vulnerable and performative aspects of human expression, and a series of photographs for which Jiang captured flowers going up in flames, conveying transience, beauty, and decay.

From CVF Art Curator Hong Yu on Jiang Zhi

“The first time I visited Jiang Zhi at his studio was many years after I had left the China Art Academy. I visited him as a fellow alumnus of the Academy, and I went to look at his paintings, already being familiar with his video and photographic work.

As a contemporary art curator and art historian, what intrigued me the most was that when I visited Jiang Zhi’s studio for the second time, I noticed that he has a whole shelf full of books of ancient Chinese landscapes, a collection that must have cost him a fortune.

As someone who shares his interest in the visual legacy of Chinese culture, I have grown more and more curious about the multiplicity of Jiang Zhi’s works, which range from oil painting and photography to site-specific video installations.

His works are a charismatic mixture of different languages drawn from contemporary art practice, and also have a cinematic quality through their visual techniques and sound effects. It’s this which inspired me to come up with the idea of showcasing his video work in a cinema environment as artist films.

For me this kind of event has always been a tempting way to invite a broader audience to view works by artists from China in a cinema environment and to generate more conversations between contemporary art practice and film culture, in particular how both have profoundly altered our perspectives on making and understanding art”



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