Wang Yuyang

CVF 2013

Objects of Fantasy – Wang Yuyang Solo Exhibition

8 May – 12 June 2013

Mon – Sun, 11.00 – 18.00

Venue: Inigo Rooms (King's College London), Somerset House East Wing, Strand, London WC2R 2LS (MAP)
Free entry

Exhibition Private View (invitation only)
7 May, 18.00 - 20.00 (Tuesday)
Venue: Archaeology Room (King's College London), Somerset House East Wing, Strand, London WC2R 2LS (MAP)

Artist talk: Wang Yuyang and His World Co-Hosted by Dr Marko Daniel (Tate Modern), Prof. Jiehong Jiang (CCVA, Birmingham City University)
9 May, 18.30- 20.00 (Thursday)
Venue: Anatomy Museum, King's College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS (MAP)
Tickets: Free (Free tickets for the talk are now available at

Wang Yuyang

The majority of Wang Yuyang’s artworks are derived from his mesh of experience of what he sees and does on a daily basis. Through his unique creative approach, Wang makes mute, humble objects speak, revealing human stories and emotions. Wang challenges audiences to question the very structure of reality, offering glimpses of the world from radically different perspectives.

With his art, Wang creates a playful arena for various perceptual discoveries, in an effort to inspire audiences to reconsider their relationship with the outside world and its constituent parts in a state of constant, rapid progress.

Wang Yuyang (b. 1979, Harbin), educated at Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA) in Beijing, is recognised as one of the emerging conceptual artist in China. His work is an exploration through obsolete technologies and a challenge of our perception in daily life. Ranging from sculpture, painting, photography and video, his work is a spiritual art focusing on post-sense and sensibility of this generation and bringing humor into the questioning of our body cognition.

Wang’s work has been shown in major exhibitions and festivals internationally including Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts and Palazzo Strozzi.


Also see Chinese Visual Festival on King's College London Website.

Featured Artwork


  • Cop Shop

    Cop Shop II

    Director: Zhou Hao, Running Time: 67', Year: 2011 Documentary, China Language: Chinese                  Subtitle: Chinese and English Cop Shop II sees Zhou Hao capturing daily police operations at Guangzhou Railway Station, one of the most chaotic transport hubs in China. Taking place during the incredibly busy period before Chinese New Year, it follows officers as they attempt to keep the square outside clear...

  • The Black Records

    The Black Records

    Director: Xiang Jianheng, Running Time: 8'35", Year: 2012 Animation, China Subtitle: Chinese and English Special Mention- the animations of Xiang Jianheng,  for their unique vision. Chinese Visual Festival is proud to present its first animation screenings, featuring three shorts by Xiang Jianheng, one of China’s most exciting new talents. Mixing stop motion animation, propagandist imagery and western medieval art and tackling diverse themes of memory and nuclear war, the three are...

  • Disorder


    Director: Huang Weikai, Running Time: 58', Year: 2009 Documentary, China Language: Chinese                  Subtitle: Chinese and English Jury comment: "Disorder is an exciting and anarchic revival of the city symphony documentary that reveals the cruel energy of China's social transformation." Huang Weikai’s extraordinary Disorder is unquestionably one of the most significant modern independent Chinese documentaries. A collage assembled from thousands of hours of...

  • 05_The Chained Knots_(2)

    The Chained Knots

    Director: Siu Yin Yu, Running Time: 9', Year: 2012 Documentary, Hong Kong China Language: Catonese                  Subtitle: Chinese and English The Chained Knots takes a calm and objective look at the impact of big corporations and the charm of small old-fashioned business, capturing the last day of trading for a small wet market in Hong Kong before redevelopment. The market in question is...

  • Emergency Room China

    Emergency Room China

    Director: Zhou Hao, Running Time: 99', Year: 2013 Documentary, China Language: Chinese                  Subtitle: Chinese and English Emergency Room China is the latest film from Zhou Hao, part of his series of documentaries focusing on public spaces and institutions in China. The film saw Zhou spending 10 months in a hospital emergency room and following ambulances day and night. Capturing a stream of...

  • The Dream Never Sets

    The Dream Never Sets

    Director: Wu Wuna, Running Time: 74', Year: 2010 Documentary, Taiwan Language: Chinese                  Subtitle: Chinese and English Following up on Farewell 1999 about her mother, The Dream Never Sets is another highly personal documentary from Wu Wuna, this time focusing on her father, who has claimed to be an inventor of note for as long as she can remember. A somewhat lighter, though...